EconSearch Staff

Dr Julian Morison


BAgEc, MEc, MInfEng, PhD

Julian has over 30 years’ experience in applied economic analysis, particularly related to primary industries, natural resource issues and regional economic development. Julian has undertaken many projects investigating socio-economic, institutional, policy and business dimensions of regional development and natural resource management issues. He has conducted numerous economic impact analysis consultancies for various firms and government organisations, several of which have involved workshops and seminars on input-output methods, cost benefit analysis and other analytical tools.

Heather Bailey


BSc, MSc

Heather has 19 years professional experience as an environmental scientist and economist in Australia and internationally, working across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. With a background in economics, carbon accounting and environmental sciences, Heather is proficient at integrating these specialist skill sets amongst the teams she manages to deliver coherent projects and in communicating the outcomes to non-technical audiences. She has worked on projects across agriculture, water, carbon, marine resources and scientific research delivery for all levels of government, universities and industry associations, using techniques including cost benefit analysis, input-output analysis and carbon accounting.

Lisa Carlin


BEc, BFin

Lisa joined EconSearch in 2007 as an economist after completing economics and finance degrees at the University of Adelaide. Since joining EconSearch, Lisa has contributed to the application of input-output models and in preparing and communicating the results of economic impact analyses and socio-economic profiles. She has also undertaken numerous economic evaluations using cost-benefit analysis for a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. She has contributed annually to the preparation of economic indicators for all the commercial fisheries of SA, the economic impact of aquaculture and a fishery gross margin modelling framework developed to aid the harvest strategy in the Lakes and Coorong Pipi fishery.

Nicholas Angelakis


BEc (Hons), Bfin

Nick joined EconSearch in 2013 as an economist, following his participation in the Treasury’s 2012 graduate program. He has been involved in the development of economic models, most notably the production of State and regional IO models for the Department of Premier and Cabinet. He continues to improve the methodology necessary for IO table construction, with particular emphasis on the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab). He is adept at finding data solutions, and is capable in utilising programing languages, such as visual basic for application (VBA) and GEMPACK (for Computable General Equilibrium analysis).

Anders Magnusson



Anders joined EconSearch as an economist after studying at the University of Adelaide where he received eight academic awards. His experience in economics includes internships at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (Adelaide) and the United Nations (Bangkok). At EconSearch, Anders has carried out various analyses including economic impacts and cost-benefit in primary industries, urban and rural development and music industry. Anders’ other areas of expertise include microsimulation, formal statistical methods, computable general equilibrium analysis (CGE), qualitative and quantitative survey methods and multi-criteria decision making.