EconSearch Staff

Dr Julian Morison

Managing Director; Agricultural and Natural Resource Economist

BAgEc, MEc, MInfEng, PhD

Julian has over 25 years experience in applied economic analysis, particularly related to primary industries, natural resource issues and regional economic development. Julian has undertaken many projects investigating socio-economic, institutional, policy and business dimensions of natural resource management issues. He has also been involved in the development and application of market based instruments for natural resource management.

Julian has experience and expertise in the development of regional, state and national input-output models and computable general equilibrium (CGE) models and their application in the analysis of a variety of impact situations. He has experience in the analysis of regional development issues, particularly measuring the employment and value adding impacts of industry growth and decline. He has conducted numerous economic impact analysis consultancies for various firms and government organisations, several of which have involved workshops and seminars on input-output methods, cost benefit analysis and other analytical tools.

Heather Bailey

Consultant; Environmental Economist

BSc, MSc

Heather joined EconSearch in June 2010, and brings 12 years’ experience as an environmental professional in Australia and internationally. She qualified in 1994 in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia (UK), and in 2003 completed an MSc in Environmental Management and Development at the Australian National University in Canberra, specialising in Environmental Economics. Heather was awarded the ANU’s Tiri Tiri Prize for academic excellence.

She has recently completed financial and economic analyses of two stormwater harvesting and re-use projects in the mid-North of SA with Naturallogic for the Central Local Government Region of Councils. Heather has recently managed a multidisciplinary and multi-agency team which assessed the environmental, economic and social impacts of implementing management plans in 19 SA Marine Parks on regional marine ecosystems, economies and communities in SA. In 2011, Heather completed a project with ThinkClimate Consulting for the City of Onkaparinga analysing the financial and economic implications of the Council’s carbon neutral target for 2013. She recently presented a paper on this project at the 35th conference of Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International.

Lisa Carlin

Resource Economist

BEc, BFin

Lisa has contributed to the construction and application of input-output models and in preparing and communicating the results of economic impact analyses. She has also undertaken numerous economic evaluations using cost-benefit analysis for a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. Lisa has also contributed to a number of projects, with her involvement including undertaking surveys, collating data and results, undertaking economic analysis and preparing written reports.

Since joining EconSearch in 2007, Lisa has contributed to the preparation of economic indicators for all the commercial fisheries of South Australia (including face-to-face survey work), a report on the ecologically sustainable development for the net sector of the Marine Scalefish fishery, economic analyses of levies for the Northern and Yorke, South Australian Murray-Darling Basin and South East Natural Resource Management Boards and various economic impact studies, regional socio-economic profiles and cost benefit analyses.

Nicholas Angelakis

Resource Economist

BEc (Hons), Bfin

Nick began working at EconSearch as a research assistant in the latter half of 2011, following his graduation from the University of Adelaide. During this period he worked on report proofing and preparation, stochastic economic modelling, and data collection (including face to face survey work) and collation for the Marine Scalefish Fishery’s economic indicators. During his academic career he participated in the University’s 2010 honours economics program where he completed his thesis on the equity premium puzzle.

At the end of 2011, Nick left EconSearch to work in Canberra under the Treasury’s 2012 graduate program. In mid-2013, Nick relocated back to South Australia and resumed his career with EconSearch. He is currently working on improving and streamlining the production of Leontief economic models. Nick has also undertaken computable general equilibrium modelling (CGE) training and has worked on several EconSearch CGE modelling projects.

Anders Magnusson

Resource Economist


Anders joined EconSearch as an economist after completing a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Adelaide. He gained experience in economic analysis through internships at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (Government of South Australia) and the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (United Nations) where he focused on regulatory simplification and transport economics. Anders’ performance throughout his degree was recognised with eight academic awards, including the Deans Award for Exceptional Achievement and the Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Undergraduate Scholarship. The later extended his study and work experience to Bangkok in 2014.

Since joining EconSearch, Anders has carried out economic impact analyses in various subject areas and regions of South Australia including agriculture, aquaculture and regional and urban developments.

Jennifer Morison

Office Administrator


Jennifer is responsible for office management and administration. She prepares annual operating reports and documentation for the company, prepares cash-flow projections and oversees the company business loan accounts. She is responsible for preparation of invoices and payment of creditors, wages, superannuation and workcover, including monthly remittances of PAYG tax to the ATO, and maintains employee records re tax, superannuation, long service leave and sick leave.

Jennifer also maintains the EconSearch research library collection (both hard copy and electronic documents), as well as the project archives and records, which include client details, stored files, report titles and abstracts. She also oversees EconSearch's operating policies and procedures and maintains the company's various public liability, professional indemnity and general business insurance policies.