Regional Indicators

Standard regional indicators provide a statistical summary of key economic and social information for a particular region. A regional statistics database and/or report can assist users of regional statistics to understand the composition and economic and social structure of the region and to help monitor trends in economic growth or decline. Standard regional indicators can be prepared on various geographical levels including:

  • national
  • state
  • local government area (LGA)
  • statistical local area (SLA)
  • regional development board area
  • natural resources management board area

EconSearch has prepared sets of regional economic indicators that have included the following:

  • demographic data
  • labour force statistics
  • education and training statistics
  • income data
  • data on building approvals
  • property sales statistics
  • motor vehicle data
  • statistics on local government finance
  • statistics on single location business registrations
  • value of agricultural production
  • tourism data
  • gross regional product

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