EconSearch Completed Project

Project: Economic Indicators for the Commercial Fisheries of South Australia (1998 – 2017)

Client: PIRSA Fisheries

Summary: To meet PIRSA’s legislative requirements under the Fisheries Act 2007, EconSearch has developed annual economic indicators to track the performance of the commercial fisheries in South Australia. For each fishery, the indicators reported annually include the gross value of production, cost of management, financial performance (indicators including profit at full equity, cash operating surplus, return on investment, etc), determination of major cost increases, regional economic impacts and economic rent. The annual series of economic indicators has been prepared for Northern and Southern Zone Rock Lobster, Abalone, Charter Boats, Marine Scale, Blue Crab, Lakes and Coorong and Sardine fisheries.


Alternatively, to access the PIRSA website for more information on each fishery click here.