EconSearch Completed Project

Project: Economic Analysis of the SA Waste & Resource Recovery Plan (2015)

Client: Office of Green Industries SA (supporting Zero Waste SA)

Collaborators: Rawtec and Jensen Planning and Design 

Summary: The Office of Green Industries SA (supporting Zero Waste SA) is developing a state-wide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan to provide South Australia (SA) with a roadmap to guide future investment in waste management and resource recovery infrastructure that supports a resource efficient economy in South Australia. The plan aims to provide strategic direction and an evidence base to inform planning and investment decisions and to ensure adequate provision of suitably located sites for waste and resource recovery activities in the State for the next 30 years with an immediate focus on the next 10 years. This plan will support the objectives of the new South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2015-2020, in particular the objective of “a stable and efficient market for investors through a clear policy framework providing a solid platform for investment decisions”.

EconSearch were engaged together with Rawtec and Jensen Planning and Design to provide a high level analysis of potential economic impacts that may result from the state-wide waste and resource recovery infrastructure investment profiles.

Two economic methods were utilised to provide the necessary outputs required for the economic assessment. Firstly, cost benefit analysis (CBA) was used to determine the efficient allocation of resources. Secondly, extended input-output (I-O) analysis was employed for estimation of economic impacts.