EconSearch Completed Project

Project: Economic Contribution of the Music Industry to South Australia (2017)

Client: Music Development Office (MDO), Department of State Development, Government of South Australia

Key partners: AHA South Australia, APRA AMCOS, City of Adelaide, Music SA, South Aussie with Cosi, Three D Radio

Summary: Adelaide has music at its cultural core, as recognised by its designation as a UNESCO City of Music since 2015. Each stage of the music supply chain is represented in South Australia, from writing, rehearsing, recording and mastering, through to publishing and performing. These activities are supported by instrument and equipment manufacturers, educators, retailers, repair and hire shops, artist services, broadcasters and media agencies and well as those focused on events – promoters, event technology services and nationally renowned music venues.

The Music Development Office, Government of South Australia contracted EconSearch, to establish the economic contribution of the music industry to South Australia in the 2015/16 financial year. The study drew upon several sources of aggregate data to determine the size of the music industry on several dimensions such as number of venues licenced for music, number of attendances, ticket revenue, number of working musicians and royalty income of musicians. It collected data on the activities and relationships within the industry and linkages to the broader economy through a survey of consumers and businesses (1,369 respondents) and 27 interviews with key industry stakeholders. Results were reported in terms of employment and gross state product, including flow-on effects.

Report: Click here to visit the Music Development Office website and download a copy of the report.