EconSearch Completed Project

Project:  Port Adelaide Town Centre Benchmarking Report (2009 - 2010)

Client: Land Management Corporation

Collaborator: Jones Lang LaSalle

Summary: The Port Adelaide Town Centre Benchmarking Project identified, measured and monitored a range of key performance indicators / benchmarks within Port Adelaide to determine the extent of the revitalisation over a nominated period of time. Two annual reports were prepared by Jones Lang LaSalle and EconSearch in March 2009 and 2010 and were based on changes in activity over the previous 12 months.

Key objectives of the research were to:

  • Quantifiably measure the extent of the economic revitalisation of the Port Town Centre;
  • Communicate findings to a general and selected audience to generate an air of confidence in the Port Town Centre; and
  • Identify the allocation of future resources to further enhance the revitalisation of the Port Town Centre.

In order to achieve these objectives, a number of performance indicators were reported including business growth, residential growth, employment numbers, business turnover, commercial sales activity, vacancy rates and residential sales activity.